• Reuters

    Organization of American States head faces probe of romantic relationship with staffer - report

    The Associated Press reported that Secretary General Luis Almagro formed a "long-running" consensual relationship with a Mexican-born woman two decades his junior, citing a half-dozen sources. Almagro, who has led the Washington-based OAS since 2015, previously served as foreign minister in his native Uruguay. The allegations came just weeks after the Inter-American Development Bank fired President Mauricio Claver-Carone following allegations, which he denies, that he had a relationship with a subordinate.

  • Associated Press

    NFL players union urges quick changes to concussion protocol

    The NFL Players Association urged the league on Friday to implement changes to its concussion protocol in time to protect players in this weekend's games. The players' union wants to strengthen the protocol to avoid a repeat of what happened to Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in Week 3 against Buffalo. Tagovailoa was unstable when he walked off the field following a hit and was evaluated for a concussion, but he quickly returned to the game and the Dolphins said a back injury had caused his wobbly gait.

  • NextShark

    Mandatory ‘love education’ course for college students gains support in China

    A proposal to include “love and marriage” values in the curriculum for all universities and colleges is gaining traction in China. The National People Congress (NPC) deputy had earlier recommended that family education be made a compulsory course in tertiary education to encourage “vast and enthusiastic cultural activities on campus” and guide students in establishing “the correct view of love, marriage and family.” In March, NPC deputy Huang Xihua put forward a motion to professionalize the field of family education and teach college students the skills needed to maintain family relationships.