• Should Democrats pack the Supreme Court?
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    Should Democrats pack the Supreme Court?

    Adding justices could be a way to counter the new 6-3 conservative majority, but some fear partisan gamesmanship would threaten the legitimacy of the nation's highest court.

  • Reuters

    Daily Mail files antitrust lawsuit against Google

    The owner of the online newspaper MailOnline, which is known in the United States as the "Daily Mail," filed a lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, alleging that the search and advertising giant's power over selling online ad space means that newspapers see little of the revenue that their content produces. The lawsuit alleges that Google controls the tools used to sell ad inventory as well as the space on publishers' pages where ads can be placed and the exchange that decides where ads will be placed. "The lack of competition for publishers’ inventory depresses prices and reduces the amount and quality of news available to readers, but Google ends up ahead because it controls a growing share of the ad space that remains," the lawsuit said.

  • Not Over It: Adele Dazeem and the Oscars Moments We'll Never Get Over

    Not Over It: Adele Dazeem and the Oscars Moments We'll Never Get Over

    The strange (and mostly virtual) award season of 2021 wraps up with the Oscars on April 25, and on this week's episode of Not Over It, we're giving you a taste of what's in store. Plus, our predictions for who will be thanking the Academy (via Zoom or otherwise), the movies you need to see beforehand, and our favorite moments from Oscars past - roll the clip of the infamous La La Land vs. Moonlight mix-up.