• Reuters

    US lawsuit challenges Southwest Air's free ticket program for Hispanic students

    A group founded by a prominent anti-affirmative action activist on Monday sued Southwest Airlines, alleging that a two-decade-old program that awards free round-trip flights to Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students is racially discriminatory. Edward Blum's American Alliance for Equal Rights in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Dallas alleged that the airline's program violated federal civil rights laws by excluding non-Hispanic students from eligibility for free tickets. His group alleged that as a result, two Asian and white students who were members of his nonprofit were barred from applying to the program.

  • NBC

    James Arthur Meets Bride-To-Be From Viral Concert Proposal

    Watch James Arthur and Kelly meet for the first time IRL after collaborating on their new song "From The Jump!" James shares his musical inspirations for the new song, and reveals he thought of Kelly specifically when writing it. James also reacts to the viral trend of fans proposing on-stage at his concerts, and Kelly surprises him with a special message from one of the brides-to-be!

  • The Telegraph

    Vivid nightmares could be early warning sign of lupus, Cambridge University warns

    Horrific nightmares could be an early warning sign of the autoimmune disease lupus, scientists have found.