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Living on a golf course has to be one of the sweetest perks around. I mean, put aside the possibility of a Titleist rocketing through your living room window, and you've got the advantages of a beautiful view and a guaranteed opportunity to go out and practice your game every single day of the week. And as Waggle Room notes, every so often, you get visitors just driving right up into your backyard to wish you a Happy New Year, like this guy:

Put aside your political affiliations for a moment; that's pretty cool, having POTUS wander right up to you and shake your hand. Still, I've got a few questions: how far off the tee is this? Is the president getting any better at golf, or not? What if he'd gone and clocked somebody with his drive? And was anybody watching to make sure he didn't use the ol' foot wedge to improve his lie?

President Obama stops to greet the golf course neighbors [Waggle Room]

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Devil Ball Golf

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