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Another tournament, another Tiger Woods mini-blowup or five. Consider this video, which has a NSFW word in it, so don't crank it too loud with others around:

(Visor tip to A Walk In The Park.) He also flung away his putter on Friday night after missing a putt on 18, and there were doubtless other moments of frustration.

Now, sure as the sun rises, video like this prompts all kinds of self-righteous tut-tutting about how he's not respecting the game and he's treating golf like a (gasp!) basketball game and it's dreadful that he'd use such gutter language on a verdant cathedral like St. Andrews and blah blah blah shut UP. Enough.

Anybody who's spent any time around golf knows there are plenty of players who rant, holler, toss clubs and behave in a generally less-than-genteel manner. But the it's-OK-because-others-do-it is childish stuff. Let's be more to the point: Tiger Woods is one of the most intense competitors ever in sports, and these are the kinds of guys who devour themselves in pursuit of the next victory. That much competitive drive spills over the edges.

More to the point, Woods is in the midst of a career free-fall. On Saturday, when this video was taken, he was seeing whatever faint hope he might have of the British Open fading away in the cold Scottish wind. And he was feeling betrayed by a course that had been his best pal for so long. I'm surprised he didn't fling a club onto the roof of the clubhouse.

I'm not suggesting for a second that anybody should feel sorry for Woods. The guy brought every inch of the hell he's living on himself. But if the dude wants to bark out a cuss word or flail around a bit, he should be able to do it without a bunch of sanctimonious types proclaiming him as a symbol of All That's Wrong With Golf.

As a golfer, I prefer Tiger Woods 2.0, the flawed, failed human, to the robotic pre-Escaladegate version, by a huge margin. You?  

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Devil Ball Golf

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