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Say, did you hear Tiger Woods is out for the year? Some folks have been talking a little bit about it here and there. Anyhoo, Tiger's absence from the last half of 2008 means there's suddenly a vacancy on the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Who's going to get the nod? We offer up some potential choices:

Rocco Mediate
Pros: Took Tiger an extra 19 holes in the U.S. Open, which means he's currently only one stroke worse than Tiger, right?

Cons: What if he can't find another vial of whatever Super Magic Go Juice he drank just before this year's Open?

Rannulph Junuh
Pros: A decent, honorable fellow who would represent the United States well in international competition.

Cons: Kind of freaks out when he ends up in the woods. Also apparently relies an awful lot on his caddy.

Roy McAvoy
Pros: Insanely talented, unconventional golfer with the potential to win a match with nothing but a 2x4, a yardstick, and a fishing rod in his bag.

Cons: Has a bit of trouble with the approach shots. Also occasionally takes the game a bit less than seriously.

Charles Barkley
Pros: The single greatest person in the history of the planet to have in your foursome. Possibly even including Jesus and Buddha.

Cons: He's a turrible golfer. Just turrible.

Happy Gilmore
Pros: Crazy long off the tee. Lord knows how many drivers (and wrists) have been snapped trying to imitate his run-up swing.

Cons: Just plain crazy. Got a soft spot for his grandmother. Don't mention Bob Barker to him, either.

Ty Webb
Pros: Unbelievably skilled golfer with a putting stroke that Sergio Garcia would kill for.

Cons: Just doesn't care all that much. Also can be distracted by a pair of lacey underalls, so to speak.

Sam Alexis Woods
Pros: DNA. Even if her age costs her a couple strokes, she's still ten ahead of the field.

Cons: That whole prejudicial "no babies in the PGA" stance. Fight the power!

Any other choices? Fire away. And if you've got a tip / post / link for the Yahoo! Golf Blog to check out? Click here to hit up Jay Busbee with the scoop.

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