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Q. What's the difference between Anthony Kim and John Daly?

A. John Daly wasn't invited to the Presidents Cup.

At least, that's the assessment of Robert Allenby. (The comparison, that is. It's a pretty well-documented fact that Daly wasn't invited to the Presidents Cup.)

Allenby, fresh off a 5-and-3 drubbing at Kim's hands on Sunday, lashed out at Kim's alleged nighttime habits:  "Maybe we should all take the theory of Anthony Kim," he said. "Get home at 4 o'clock (in the morning) and then go shoot 6 under."

Sour grapes? Probably. But oh, he didn't stop there: "Ask his playing partners. Ask his team. He is the loosest cannon in that team." Allenby further called Kim the "current John Daly," which is not fair at all, because Kim hasn't even come close to eating a live cow on the hoof.

Kim, who's admittedly enjoyed the nightlife in the past, stressed that this week he was absolutely well-behaved, and that he was actually in his room when he was alleged to have been out on the town. (Still, Golfweek notes that one U.S. team member said that Kim was asked to leave a team function because he was not "presentable.")

Allenby has a history of making outlandish statements and not much caring whether he upsets anybody; earlier this year he swore off golf in Australia because he was ticked about how the country and its fans treated him. (And he's a native!)

Wherever the truth lies, let's take a step back and realize what we're talking about here -- two grown men bickering over whether one went out and tipped back a few too many. Seriously. And they say golf's a prissy sport.

Allenby rips Kim as U.S.'s 'loosest cannon' [Golfweek]

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