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The cover of the January 2010 issue of Golf Digest probably seemed like a great idea at the time:

The issue is available on newsstands now and CNBC reports that Golf Digest says it has no plans to pull it

"10 Tips Obama can take from Tiger"? Huh. I can think of a few dozen. (Aside: "How to outsmart your buddies"? "Load it & let it go"? This cover is a gold mine of unintentional comedy.)

Tiger and Obama have a history; Tiger spoke at Obama's inauguration and later visited the White House. Obama, of course, has begun embracing golf despite being more of a basketball guy on the campaign trail.

Oh, an important note: Golf Digest Photoshopped that image. Lest you think Tiger was sneaking out to play a little golf with POTUS, the article focuses on how the president should recognize that golf is a benefit to the economy. There's also a complementary list -- 10 things Tiger could learn from Obama -- and there's plenty of opportunity for one-liners there as well.


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