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Sure, you say you want to talk golf, but when it comes right down to it, we know what gets ya going -- Tiger, Tiger and more Tiger. So here are a couple gems to keep the fire burning bright.

First off, at the Miss America pageant, Miss Georgia offered up her introduction. And, seeing as how she's from Augusta, she offered a disclaimer: "I didn't meet Tiger Woods":

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She may be the only one. (Visor tip: Links Life.)

However, there were indeed many other women who (allegedly) met Tiger, and now you can commemorate at least the first twelve of them with a souvenir that almost certainly won't make its way into Tiger's bag.

Courtesy of those scamps at Deadspin comes this gem, a collection of 12 golf balls emblazoned with the pictures of Tiger's, um, "acquaintances." (Only 12? I'm assuming there will be a Volume II coming soon.)

"Tail of the Tiger," the website selling these beauties, notes that "He likes to play a round with them ... now you can too!" (Get it? Get it?) Still not convinced? Here, let the promo text sway you:

Tail of the Tiger Golf Balls are designed to lift the spirits of golfers around the world who are saddened by this loss on many levels -– from those who make a living at the game to companies that sell products, to the fans who just love to watch a master practice his craft.

See? These fellas aren't just trying to make a quick buck! They're trying to "lift the spirits of golfers around the world!" That's so noble! The balls start at ... $53.90? Really? Wow, Tiger's ladies don't come cheap. Er, wait a second ... forget I said that.

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Devil Ball Golf

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