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Everybody wants to know when Tiger Woods is returning, and recently TMZ, which has been stunningly wrong in much of its Tiger coverage, backed into what could be an interesting idea: Tiger could return for the Tavistock Cup.

Tavistock, for those of you who don't know, is like the world's greatest neighborhood scramble. Isleworth and Lake Nona, two ultraexclusive Orlando neighborhoods that wouldn't allow your kind, square off for a couple days of high-level golf. Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Charles Howell III, Ian Poulter, Henrik Stenson and other pros are residents and, thus, players.

And the idea that Tiger could return for this would make some bizarre kind of sense. After all, he'd be among friends. He could get his game ready for Augusta, which is only a couple weeks after Tavistock. And it's pretty likely that he wouldn't get heckled too badly by his own neighbors. (Except maybe the guy who owns the tree he uprooted.)

Anyway, more grist for the mill. Make of it what you will.

Also, a clever little video that would've made for a big hit at the Super Bowl:

Lovely, even if Google is the second-best search engine out there.

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Devil Ball Golf

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