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Here's a pretty cool little behind-the-scenes video of Upper Deck and Tiger Woods creating some instant five-figure collectibles -- the shirts from Tiger's first three days at last year's epic U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. They're part of Upper Deck's ultra-ultra-super-mega-high-end collectibles market. (Remember when a $50 Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card was the pinnacle of what Upper Deck had to offer? Yeah, me neither.) Anyway, here's your exclusive look at Tiger in the supersecret Upper Deck HQ:

Two questions:

1. What, no sweat stains? Don't tell me they washed those things!

2. You're going to look like a real goofball wearing one of those shirts on the golf course now that Tiger's gone and scrawled all over it.

The three shirts go on sale today at the Upper Deck Store. As you can see here, the shirts go for $30, $40 and $50 ... thousand. Save those pennies, friends.

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Devil Ball Golf

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