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Goods news for those of us hoping and praying we never get another major championship without Tiger Woods involved (been there, done that); he told Chick Hernandez in a rare television interview with Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic that he would be at Congressional, and is just taking some time to make sure everything is right with his Achilles and knee.

Tiger, who injured both during the third round of the Masters but was still able to fight his way up the leaderboard on Sunday, has taken some time off since Augusta National. He is not in the field this week at Quail Hollow, but said he will definitely be back for the second major championship of the year, which is good news for anyone excited to see what he will do after his respectable, albeit disappointing in the moment, finish at the Masters.

"I'll be ready. No doubt, I'll be ready. I'll be back pretty soon.

"[The injury] didn't feel very good. I was trying not to limp, not to hobble. There was a hitch in the giddy-up, but it's healing nicely," Tiger said.

As we've mentioned before here, the injury raises the question if Tiger will ever get back to normal, if "normal" means winning about six tournaments a year, but it sure seems that he isn't too concerned about it, just taking the necessary precautions that any 35-year-old would if they had to rely on their body to earn a living.

The problem is, this will be just another hurdle that Tiger must jump over in hopes of a return, and it is just more time off the golf course which isn't really what Tiger needs right now.

But as for the walking boot that Tiger has been sporting, he is all smiles -- "The walking boot — it's not comfortable. It's not a cool thing."

Yeah, but it's still cooler than that shirt you wore to the Tiger Jam!

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