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Welcome to the fall season, friends, where we're so starved for good golf news and info that a mindless popoff by a frustrated golfer has become a major news story.

After getting waxed on Sunday in the singles matches of the Presidents Cup, Robert Allenby accused Anthony Kim of being a boozing party hound who's living a wild life unbecoming of a golf professional. (How Allenby justifies getting beaten by a guy he claims was an all-night raver remains unanswered.)

The PGA Tour took the unusual step of issuing a statement decrying the kerfluffle (how's that for a journalistic term?), which only served the purpose of adding more kindling to the fire:

"Concerning the reports published after the fact with unfortunate comments attributed to Robert regarding Anthony (emphasis added), we understand that both players have since spoken and have put the incident behind them," said Rick George, VP/COO of the PGA Tour. Combined with Allenby's contention that his comments were "taken out of context," the implication here is that this is the fault of the writers who initially reported this story, and not Allenby just being a sore loser.

Nice try. Geoff Shackelford did some digging and found that four reporters heard the comments, and one has them on tape. Allenby was given the chance to confirm that he meant what he said -- which is rarely done, and is an exceedingly gracious offer to Allenby -- but Allenby stood by what he said, including the part where Allenby compared Kim to John Daly.

I agree with the prevailing sentiment that everybody should've just let this one die, and it would've been forgotten within hours, particularly with Balloon Boy dominating the next few news cycles. I'm on record as saying golf could use a little more life in it, and Allenby's quotes certainly qualify. Anthony Kim seems like he can handle himself just fine, both during the nightlife and in the media.

It's interesting to note, as SI's Gary Van Sickle tweeted, that there have been no denials that Kim was actually out that late. And what's even more interesting is that nobody's bothered to apologize to John Daly. Now that's just rude.

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Devil Ball Golf

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