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For every thrilling, dramatic, stop-your-heart Masters victory, there's a companion tear-out-your-heart Masters defeat. It's a sad truth that every time there's a winner, there's also a loser, but this is the Masters, not Little League. Only one guy walks away with the trophy.

Golf Digest, in lovingly masochistic fashion, has produced a slideshow of more than a dozen of the most painful Masters moments in Augusta history. Starting with Kenny Perry there at right, who had a two-shot lead with two shots to go and lost in a playoff, you go backward through a litany of players both famous and unknown.

Greg Norman, of course, accounts for three entries all by himself, none more painful than his total collapse in 1996. There was Scott Hoch's missed two-footer for the win, Roberto de Vicenzo's miswritten scorecard (leading to the "What a stupid I am" comment), and even Arnold Palmer, who had a one-shot lead on 18 and gave the green jacket away to Gary Player.

The complete slideshow starts here. Be forewarned: you may feel a tightening sensation in your throat as you read.

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Devil Ball Golf

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