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Yes, the connection between Osama bin Laden and golf is a tenuous one indeed. But this is a momentous day, so we figured we'd give you the chance to open up on something other than whether Tiger Woods is coming back or not.

On one hand, you've got President Obama, who golfed Sunday morning, apparently for the fifth weekend in a row. The president cut short his round after nine holes, about two hours before the bin Laden raid took place. Good thing; that's not the kind of news you want to get while out on the course or relaxing at the 19th hole grill. (Naturally, Obama will be criticized for golfing five weekends in a row, but after nailing bin Laden, the guy probably ought to get comped a round at Augusta.)

On the other end of matters, the compound in which bin Laden was "holed up" -- and oh, there will be a few questions about that, as this certainly doesn't seem to be a cave -- was just a couple miles from the Abottabad Golf Club, as you can see in the diagram above. (The purported location of the compound is the "A" flag.) It's highly unlikely that bin Laden got out for a quick round on the links, of course.

So there you go. Vent your thoughts on this historic day right here, and we'll be back to the golfing business in just a bit.

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Devil Ball Golf

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