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The Dapper Hacker brings you the best -- and weirdest -- in golf gear. Today, we present the one club that wives will be happy to see their husbands brandishing this weekend.

The item: The Big Daddy Driver, $49.95 from

The deal: So here's a gag gift that's a little expensive, but perhaps useful if you happen to be the type that can't find the fairway with a map. The Big Daddy Driver looks like a plain old driver, but flip open the bottom, and hey! It's a weedwhacker! Most of the testimonials seem to involve dudes busting this thing out on unsuspecting playing partners ... or using it to get the weekend chores done, which doesn't seem the way to entice me to buy something, but whatever.

Now, it's battery-powered -- a cord would ruin the joke, since there aren't many golf clubs that require a cord -- so you probably aren't going to get a whole lot of carving done before you run out of juice. But there's always the possibility of a really good joke. Instead of Tiger pitching a fit and storming out of a tournament without speaking to the press, wouldn't you rather see him chasing Jimmy Roberts down the 18th fairway with one of these?

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Devil Ball Golf

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