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• One-Eyed Golfer suggests we knock it off with all the whining about Tiger Woods throwing tantrums on the course, and I agree completely. Enough with the "role model" nonsense, enough with the "Jack and Arnie didn't do this" business. He's a competitor, he's got passion, and as long as he doesn't go wrapping his club around some kid's neck, let him blow off a little steam. (One NSFW word in the linked post, for the sensitive among you.) [One-Eyed Golfer]

• The major reason why Tom Watson could do what he did in the Open Championship was because of modern equipment. Well, that and the goats he sacrificed at midnight beneath a full moon. [Golf Digest]

• In other Tiger news: breaking down his "breakdown." He's in a whole lot better shape than his haters think, but perhaps not as good as his fans want to believe. [FanHouse]

• David Feherty on his incendiary comments of a few months back. He says he got plenty of email in support of his right to joke, and indeed, I believe he did. [Local Knowledge]

• Surveying the surveys of who should be the next LPGA commissioner. (Which makes this entry a survey of the survey of the surveys. Man, we're really down the rabbit hole here.) Anyway, most intriguing name to me? Heidi Ueberroth, daughter of former baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth. He was the guy who brought the LA Olympics to light in 1984, twenty-five years ago today. Synchronicity! [Waggle Room]

• Congrats to Cristie Kerr, who just passed the $10 million mark in career earnings. Man, she's edging up into blogger-salary territory. [Golf Girl's Diary]

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