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Henrik Stenson saved all kinds of embarrassment by covering himself in mud when he stripped down to his skivvies. Yeah, that won't be all over the Internet. Nice farmer's tan, by the way, Henrik. [Reuters for the story, Yahoo! Sports Minute for more pics]

• Sergio's Friday will say a lot about the rest of his career. [The Press Tent]

Phil Mickelson, short game genius. Any questions? Yeah, didn't think so. [Tuna Golf]

• Tiger haters, you need to pick up this month's Esquire. Oh, yes indeed. [Detroit Free Press]

• Flashy belt buckles are all the rage in the PGA these days. Check the sporty buckle that Rory McIlroy is rockin' this week. Heads up, Anthony Kim! There's a challenger to your throne! [Dogs That Chase Cars]

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