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Now this is how to do a promotion right. TaylorMade has affixed a mammoth, 88-foot-tall replica of its R11 driver to the right-field foul pole at Petco Park in San Diego.

It's a bit of an optical illusion, as there's not actually a club head on this monstrosity. But the driver itself is indeed in fair territory, which could lead to some interesting pinballing if a ballplayer happens to slice (ha!) a fly ball down the right-field line.

The all-aluminum driver weighs 950 pounds and took 250 man-hours to construct. And Natalie Gulbis will throw out the first pitch at Thursday's Padres-Phillies game to close off the deal.

If a golfer -- say, Dustin Johnson, who swings a smaller R11 -- were to use this properly, he'd have to be 120 feet tall. And if said monstrous golfer took a professional-level swing with this "club," he could drive it more than 2 1/2 miles, TaylorMade engineers estimate. The club is part of a three-year advertising agreement; no word on whether we'll all get free golf swag if somebody hits the club on the fly.

This isn't the first time Petco has hosted a unique golf promotion; a couple years back, Briny Baird belted golf balls from the top of a nearby skyscraper for a Chinese food promotion. Next up: a green in center field, perhaps?

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Devil Ball Golf

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