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Death, taxes, and the fact that Charles Barkley's golf swing will always look like someone froze the world like a scene from "The Matrix." Those are things I never thought would change in my lifetime. And while I wish the one on the list that did was taxes, it's Barkley's golf swing that looks to be hitch-less, at least for now.

Here is video of Barkley from the American Century Championship that took place over the weekend in Lake Tahoe (what, you were watching some other golf tournament instead of this one? For shame!), and well, it looks like a fairly normal swing for a weekend hacker.

Watch and be amazed ...

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Yep, that looks like a golf swing, but just for fun, we might as well run an old video for comparison.

Yep, there it is. Good news for Barkley? He didn't even finish dead last this weekend in Tahoe! That has to be a first.

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Devil Ball Golf

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