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These kids today and their video games. So locked into their XBoxes and their Wiis and their Playstation 3s, they don't know what to do with life when it smacks 'em right in the face.

Case in point: Rory McIlroy, who knows a thing or two about both real golf and the video kind. He kills time between tournaments by playing Tiger Woods '09, and just this week got his first live taste of Sawgrass, a course he's completely mastered --he once shot a 54 over 18 virtual holes -- on the game. His verdict, according to Reuters:

"It's a lot different. You get up to holes like 11 on the computer and you can drive it up to the big tree on the right, which is like 150 from the green, I had a good drive yesterday and was still hitting a five wood in, it is not quite like it is on the Play Station," he told reporters.

Yeah, I've found that hunting zombies and carjacking a Ferrari in South Beach is a lot tougher in real life than it is in video games, too. (Tip: neither one is recommended.)

Now, unlike the rest of us, McIlroy can actually play as himself in the game without having to create a slightly more muscular, slightly more handsome version of ourselves. Even so, no matter how graphically accurate the simulation may be, he's not even close to experiencing the real thing -- not unless he's got a constant loop of goofballs yelling "Get in the hole!" running on his iPod as he plays.

(Hat tip: Sportress of Blogitude)

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Devil Ball Golf

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