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A lot of golfers can shoot a 68, but as the butcher might say, there are a ton of ways to carve that turkey. You could do it with four birdies and the rest pars. You could make a couple of eagles.

But, nobody does what Q-School hopeful (and former contestant of "The Big Break") Benoit Beisser did in the second round of second stage.

As I pointed out over at Dogs That Chase Cars, I played some golf with Benoit before, and he was always a steady golfer, but this was just insane. Beisser had basically every score you can have from triple-bogey to double-eagle in a single round, ending up with a 68 to keep him very much in the hunt for a spot in the third stage of PGA Tour Q-School.

How did he do it? With eight pars, five birdies, one bogey, one double-bogey, one triple-bogey, one eagle and one double-eagle. That, friends, adds up to a pretty solid round once you can see past all the circles and squares.

What might even be crazier than that? Benoit was 4-over at one point during his round after making the double and triple bogeys on the fifth and sixth holes, only to reel off a stretch of 6-under through five holes with only one birdie.

Find me a crazier, up-and-down scorecard in the history of this game, and Busbee will send you his golf clubs*.

* -- Trust me, you don't want them.

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Devil Ball Golf

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