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Strange little tidbit out of the world of baseball today, as rumors ran wild for a couple of days that Phil Mickelson was interested in buying into a new ownership group running the San Diego Padres.

According to this report from San Diego Union-Tribune, Padres General Manager Kevin Towers told reporters in New York City that Mickelson had shown some interest in jumping on board the reeling dinghy grand ship that is the San Diego Padres. And since tossing news to the New York media is like throwing a new Mike Vick story to PETA activists, the story didn't take long to work its way around the Internet.

As Towers put it, Billy Casper said Mickelson, who's been a San Diego resident since he was that wide-eyed young'un there at right, was looking to get in on some of that sweet, sweet ownership action. Already on board the new venture that owns 35 percent of the 'Dres: former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman. Over the next five years, the group will take over the Padres.

However, it looks like Mickelson won't be among them. According to the Union-Tribune, Mickelson said, "I was approached by the new ownership group several times ... I took a look at it and thought it could be a great deal for someone. But at this point I'm just not interested in being a part of any sports franchise."

Good call. Besides, the Chicago Cubs -- start fast, look great, fail late -- are far more Mickelson's speed, yes?

(Hat tip to 'Duk @ Big League Stew, who would love a chance to own the Cubs, for the find.)

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