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Say what you will about Phil Mickelson, this is flat-out cool. Courtesy of Waggle Room and, we bring you this video from Phil's new short-game DVD where he demonstrates how to handle a ball on the downward lip of the back edge of a bunker, a shot you simply cannot hit forward without dropping it into the sand. So what do you do? Punch it out sideways? Pfah. If you're Phil Mickelson, you turn around backwards, twist the club in your hands so that it looks like a spatula, and presto ...

Oh, Phil. If only there was a shot that could send you back in time a couple weeks, to take another shot at that putt at 15 at Bethpage in the U.S. Open.

Phil Mickelson shows you how to hit a golf ball backwards and on purpose [Waggle Room]
How to hit Phil Mickelson's backwards bunker shot []

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