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We've all tried the Happy Gilmore swing. Usually, the ball skulls off into the woods, or we dent a cart, or we fracture our wrists. But that's because we stink. What if a real golfer tried the Happy Gilmore move? The folks at Sport Science, who just like us apparently have too much to drink after rounds, decided to test that theory, and recruited Padraig Harrington to give it a whirl. And here's what happened:

The verdict? It's a seven-minute video, which is an eternity in this fast-paced world, so I'll spoil it for you -- Padraig hits the ball about 30 yards further with the Happy move. But that's only if he hits it dead-on -- not a guaranteed proposition. Still, Paddy, or some other golfer, should be prepared to bust out the Happy Gilmore move one tournament Thursday. I'd pay good money to see somebody do that.

(Thanks to reader Murray Oden for the tip.)

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Devil Ball Golf

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