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Make of this what you will. The National Enquirer, in its Dec. 7 issue, is alleging that Tiger Woods has been stepping out on wife Elin with a "New York party girl" named Rachel Uchitel.

As noted by Sports by Brooks (and read by me while I was standing in line buying the turkey today), the young lady in question has a bit of a rep for chasing married celebs. The Enquirer charges that she and Woods, uh, "met" in New York, Las Vegas and Australia. Matter of fact, the Enquirer apparently tracked down Ms. Uchitel in Australia while Tiger was there for the Masters -- at the same hotel where Tiger was staying! Heavens to betsy!

Look, I'm not giving a bit of credence to this report, I'm just laying it out there for your commenting pleasure.  SBB goes into much more detail about the backstory -- Uchitel apparently lost her fiance in 9/11, but has since dated a whole host of celeb names. As Brooks notes, the idea that Woods would mess around with someone so high-profile is insane, either in reality or on the part of Tiger himself.

So until we get some more proof -- not that we're looking -- let's file this one under "nonstory" and get back to focusing on Jon and Kate!

Enquirer: Tiger Cheating On Wife With 'Party Girl' [Sports By Brooks]

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