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Great mash-up here from Tauntr (via Sportress of Blogitude and Waggle Room) of "Caddyshack" reframed in "Inception" style. Now, surely you've seen "Caddyshack" -- if you haven't, go stop what you're doing right now and do it -- but even if you're waiting for "Inception" to come out on DVD, you can still get plenty o' humor out of this 30-year-old chestnut: 

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Now, it's no "Shining" -- "The Shining" reimagined as a romantic comedy, the first and still the best of this remix genre -- but it's pretty damn good.

If you haven't seen "Inception" yet -- I'd give a spoiler here but any spoiler I could give, someone else could explain away -- following is the trailer on which this remix was based. Spin the top ...

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Devil Ball Golf

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