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When you're John Daly, controversy follows you like a shadow. It doesn't matter how much good you do or how many times you calmly go about your business, if you're a guy with Daly's rep there've got to be untold times when you're just sitting there minding your own business, sipping a drink or quietly having dinner, and you'll look up and see a whole crowd of people watching you, just waiting for you to freak out and start throwing chairs or whatever.

So when actual problems do happen in Daly's life, they're that much worse. Like this past week, when John Daly hit an Alabama tunnel with his bus. Okay, hang on, I know that sounds like the first line of a great country song, but let's play this one out.

Daly was driving in the Bankhead Tunnel in Mobile, Alabama when pieces of his bus got sheared off and hit a car traveling in the other direction. The signs documenting the tunnel's height were apparently a bit confusing, and once Daly was in the tunnel, he sped up to keep from getting stuck. The driver of the other car is claiming damage to his car and neck and shoulder injuries. Boom, crash, drama!

So what's your first reaction? Whoo! Daly's back to his old ways! Awriiiight! Not so fast. If you go check out Daly's Twitter feed, you get a very different point of view, one that will give you a bit of a different perspective on the man and the incident:

"signs were too LATE and chains were NOT down to prevent--statistics show this happens multiple times week--No Clearance on the Tunnel AT ALL"

"chains hang from the top kinda dagle to sound the alarms but they weren't --thank god bc they would of smashed thru my windshield"

"thank GOD me and my girls were not hurt and I wish they would make signs VISIBLE after 17 years of driving a coach never seen this before!"

"i had a fender bender with my coach and i guess super Cop called the media?? weird--because i wasn't sited!" [sic]

"funny just read now the guy has Neck and Shoulder injuries?? From what??? something hitting his trunk?!"

"it's ok, thats why they are called accidents--it was simply driving home unfortunately someone tryn to chase my insurance"

So there you go. From Daly's perspective, it certainly looks like this one got blown way out of proportion, and it sure appears there was some glory-seeking along the way. Not rendering a verdict here on guilt or innocence, but I will say this: it's gotta be hard being John Daly. Can't a brother just ram his bus into the side of a tunnel in peace?

Daly's bus too big for an Alabama tunnel [AP via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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