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That John Daly, he does know how to blend into a crowd:

Earlier this morning, Daly took to the links in the Pro-Am segment of the Open de Espana at the PGA Golf Catalunya in Girona, Spain, wearing a retina-searing outfit that can charitably be described as "Upholstery Gone Wild." Or perhaps he's paying tribute to Hooters. Or maybe those pants are like one of those old Magic Eye images, where if you stare at them long enough, you can see ... no, no, let's not do that.

Anyway, congrats to Daly, once again breaking new fashion ground. At least he's not going shirtless this time. Or hawking Daly swag out of the back of a bus. Or assaulting fans with cameras. Or using beer cans as tees. Or selling his autograph at the aforementioned Hooters. Or ... you get the idea.

(Please note that Yahoo! Sports and Devil Ball Golf cannot be held liable for damages to eyes, stomach or psyche from viewing this picture.)

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