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Hello, friends. Here's a crime story unlike any other.

Let's say you're in Augusta and you've allegedly committed a crime and the cops are hot on your trail. Where do you go? Why, straight to one of the world's most famous locations, of course!

On Wednesday morning, according to the Augusta Chronicle, Augusta police chased two men onto the grounds of Augusta National. The men were believed to be involved in a home invasion in which shotgun-wielding criminals burst in and robbed a blind man.

And since (allegedly) robbing a blind man with a shotgun is pretty much a ticket straight to hell, perhaps the (alleged) thieves decided to get one last glimpse of heaven. They vaulted the fence and raced across the course; no word on which holes they traversed, but the victim's home is not far from the south edge of the course, which is right where Amen Corner is located.

One of the two suspects was later arrested at his home (and if you look at his mug shot, it may not have been a smooth arrest). No word on whether they adhered to Augusta National's strict "no running" policy while on the grounds.

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Devil Ball Golf

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