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There are few moments of perfection in golf, few moments where the stars line up just right and everything fits perfectly. Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached one of those moments.

Behold the awesome synergy that is John Daly Pizza.

This is flat-out perfect, from the slogan ("Grip It & Eat It") to the ingredients (you'll note that the pizza includes "Dough," "Sauce," and "Cheese") to Daly's pants, which look like he's wearing a Supreme Pizza on his legs.

Best of luck -- seriously -- to Daly with this new endeavor. Though it's worth noting that putting Daly in charge of pizza is like asking Tiger Woods to chaperone a busload of Tropicana wet t-shirt contestants. The temptations are strong! Just remember, John -- don't get high on your own supply. 

(Visor tip: Golfweek)

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Devil Ball Golf

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