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There are times in this job when you can wax poetic about the sublime drama that is golf, as when Tom Watson nearly won the British Open, or when you can use golf to illuminate the highest aspirations of the human condition, as when J.P. Hayes demonstrated enviable honesty. And then, every now and then, you get to write a sentence like this:

Somebody farted and made Tiger Woods giggle.

TMZ, which has dubbed this "Fartgate," has the video, which took place on the final hole of Sunday's Buick Open. Tiger was sizing up an approach shot, limbering up and then ... well, just click on the image below, and make sure you're not where someone could mistake this for you:

Gracious. The timing of the, uh, blast, combined with Tiger's stretching, sure made it look like it was Mr. Woods himself who dealt it, and rest assured there are people out there going over this like it was the Zapruder film. TMZ reports that CBS denies that it was Tiger who broke wind, saying only that it was someone else -- someone who could use a change in diet, judging from that noise.

Well, at least this didn't happen during Tiger's backswing. That could have gotten seriously ugly. But considering how it distracted Tiger, perhaps Phil, Sergio et. al. have to consider a new strategy...

Tiger Woods: Whoever smelt it dealt it []

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Devil Ball Golf

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