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Anybody who says they go to college to get an education is an idiot. You go to get life experiences, and if you happen to learn about Shakespearean sonnets or supply/demand curves along the way, hey, so much the better. And one of those "life experiences" involves doing all kinds of harm to your dorm.

I once doused a tennis ball in cheap cologne, lit it on fire, and threw it down the hallway, where it left flaming splotches at every bounce. The fellas in this "Sub Par Golf" video below were a little wiser than that; they stuck to golf. Stuck hard:

Bravo, gents. I wish I was in the video rather than just watching it, and so do you.

You'll note that these guys are extremely skilled with the flat stick. You'll also note that there's not a single woman visible in the entire video. Coincidence? 

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Devil Ball Golf

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