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Welcome back to the Devil Ball Golfcast, everybody! Today we have the distinct honor of being joined by TNT's Jim Huber, a guy whose broadcasting career I've followed since I was but a wee tot in Atlanta. He's covered almost every major sport there is and won Emmys for his work, and he brings to the golf course a sense of history and decorum that adds subtle nuances and shades of meaning to the beauty that is ... aw, look at that, he even influences me to write like him!

Anyway, we spent a fair amount of time talking about Hazeltine, ferreting out great stories, the Tiger factor, what you do when your marquee guy goes south (as happened at Turnberry), and what he thinks of the current field. It's a fun chat, and I think it'll set you up well for this weekend, no matter who ends up winning.

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Devil Ball Golf

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