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San Francisco has a bit of a rep of being a progressive city, and as such, things like smoking don't go over real well with a segment of the populace. So when a San Francisco administrator spotted someone smoking a cigar on public property, well, he hit the roof. Never mind that the "someone" was Michael Jordan and the public property was Harding Park Golf Course, the host of the Presidents Cup -- heads must roll, baby!

Calling MJ "Spare the Air Jordan" (ha! you see what he did there? clever!), Recreation and Park general manager Phil Ginsburg told the San Francisco Chronicle that he's already sent an email to the PGA Tour that this will not stand. "It was sort of a gentle nudge reminding them that smoking is illegal, and that we would appreciate their support."

Of course, that didn't stop this from turning into a full-scale CigarGate, with everyone from Jordan to Stewart Cink weighing in on the pros and cons of lighting up a stogie.

(By the way, the other fellow in that photo is former President Bill Clinton, who's also hanging at the Cup. I mention this for two reasons: 1. because in some other news accounts, someone felt it necessary to identify Clinton as the one on the right, and 2. there are jokes to be made here that I will not make, seeing as how I like my job.)

The violation of city rules comes with a $100 fine, so I'm thinking Jordan could smoke enough to give the entire city cancer and still be just fine.

Jordan violates city rules on smoking [AP via Yahoo! Sports]


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