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If you've ever seen former NBA'er Charles Barkley play golf before,  you know his swing ranks right up there as one of the all-time worst in the game. Forget your hitch at the top of the swing, Barkley has about five or six hitches in his, including a move at the end that doesn't look physically possible until you see him do it in person.

Even though his swing and the direction the ball is headed are unpredictable, that doesn't stop people from coming out in droves when he tees it up in a charity golf event. I guess people enjoy playing with fate, or maybe it has something to do with feeling better about your own game after watching Barkley for 18 holes.

On Wednesday, Barkley took some time out of his schedule to play in the Regions Traditions pro-am at Shoal Creek, and one shot into the day, his bag was one club lighter. After lunging at the ball, stopping, and then finishing his swing, Barkley watched as the head from his driver went flying down the tee box.

That's right, Barkley somehow found a way to break his driver on the first hole. Blame it on the club if you want -- Chuck certainly did -- but I'd be willing to bet that swing had a little something to do with the moment. I'm also going to assume the driver head went farther than the actual drive.

His playing pro, Fuzzy Zoeller, had the best line of the day when he picked up Barkley's driver head and asked, "Are you playing a black Nike?" Like every other club is Barkley's bag, I'm pretty sure he didn't miss having the driver for the rest of the round.

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Devil Ball Golf

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