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Don't know about you, but every time I'm high atop a bridge or building, I'm thinking what it would be like to drop stuff off it -- coins, fruit, luggage, whatever. And it appears that Briny Baird and the folks at P.F. Chang's think like me. Because as enjoyable as golf is on its own, when you start teeing off from hundreds of feet in the air in the middle of a metropolis, then it becomes sublime.

Monday, Baird ascended the Omni San Diego Hotel and, from 375 feet in the air, took aim at a bull's-eye in Petco Park's right field. He landed eight of 10 shots in the target, 230 yards away. As a result, he won everybody in America free chicken lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang's. Go right here to claim your prize! (Some conditions apply. See store for details. May cause gassiness. Not responsible for chafing or itching. May not be reproduced without the express written consent of Major League Baseball. Amen.) On a slightly less mercenary note, P.F. Chang's also celebrated the event by donating $25,000 donation to the San Diego Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society.

The golf balls hung up in the air for up to 13 seconds -- shades of the infamous South African cliffside hole, yes? While they don't tell us where those mysterious other two balls landed -- hopefully on the grass somewhere, and not through somebody's windshield. But you can check out the video of the feat below.

There's a lot of prelim and setup here -- this is the official video, so they want to make sure you see plenty of the PF Chang's logo -- but go ahead and fast-forward to the 6:15 mark to see the shots:

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Devil Ball Golf

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