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On Tuesday the golf world was literally salivating over the news that Augusta National would be added to the new EA Sports Tiger Woods 2012 video game. It was huge news, and it gave the game a first real chance to play one of the super exclusive golf courses that are a part of this country. But what other courses should be on this game? Here are a few that we think would make it even more fun to play. 

Cypress Point: On a list of courses I want to play before I die, Cypress Point ranks one, two and three. It's on the Monterrey Peninsula, it's infamous for being exclusive, and if I ever stood on the 16th tee (pictured), I'd probably do what my boss once told me he did there; whiff. Yep, it's that kind of beauty, and it is the course that would really look fantastic with these amazing new graphics.

Pine Valley: An obvious choice because it is the course that nobody knows anything about yet it is always ranked up top as the best course ever. I just want a chance to tell people I hit a shot out of the Devil's, umm, well, you know.

Royal County Down: The best course in Ireland needs to be on this game, and stat. Most golfers will never get the chance to swing across the pond and play this exclusive track, but putting it on the game would at least give most of us a chance to fall in love with it. Oh, and add Doonbeg as well.

Kingsbarns: The Pebble Beach of Scotland is new, it's fun, and it's all by the ocean. It seems like the type of golf course that would really work in video game form, and the closing six hole stretch is so awesome gamers would be booking flights to Edinburgh immediately.

Marshall Lakeside Country Club: Okay, fine, you don't want to play the nine hole golf course I grew up on? It has a par-3 over water!!! 

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Devil Ball Golf

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