Golf Yahtzee: Mini-tour player makes at least one birdie, bogey, double, triple, quad for best 75 you’ll ever see

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Shane Bacon has made the ‘psycho scorecard’ famous. If you’re unaware of the social media phenomenon, a psycho scorecard is when a golfer fills their card with nothing but color. Birdies, bogeys, doubles, eagles, and every other score that makes the card look like a rainbow.

Well, this mini-tour player took the psycho scorecard to the next level.

Cameron Starr teed it up in a Minor League Golf Tour event at The Florida Club, and his round couldn’t have started worse.

Bogey, triple, double, bogey, and a quad on his first five holes.

Then, he turned it on.

Starr played Nos. 6-13 at 7 under, including an eagle on the par-5 8th. He’d play his last five holes at even par.

A gutsy, gritty, and unbelievable 75. Tiger Woods would be proud.