Golf instruction with Steve Scott: Keep your hips and hands together

·1 min read

Steve Scott, Golfweek’s director of instruction, is back once again at Sleepy Hollow Country Club just north of New York City, this week with a tip to hit more fairways.

Most amateur golfers, in an effort to add more distance off the tee, swing primarily with the upper body. Now, what does this cause in the golf swing? Most of the time, this move will result in an over-the-top action, producing huge pulls or a ball flight that closely resembles that delicious yellow fruit.

How do you fix it? Scott explains his “hips and hands together” swing thought, and how the feeling of your hips firing, then your hands, can get your swing back on plane.

“We always want this lower body to turn out of the way first,” said Scott, “and that allows the upper body to follow suit.”

Watch the full video above.