Golden Tate's wife sounds off on husband's lack of targets in Giants offense

Scott Thompson
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Golden Tate
Golden Tate

Golden Tate hauled in a critical touchdown at the end of the Giants’ game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night, bringing the deficit to two points. It was a tremendous throw and grab by the veteran Tate to keep his two feet in the back of the end zone.

Well, Tate’s wife, Elise, thinks that he should’ve been making a lot more plays like that all game.

Tate only had three targets on the night, bringing in two of them for 31 yards and that touchdown. But Elise Tate took to Instagram to voice her frustrations of her husband not getting the fair share of targets like, say, Darius Slayton and Evan Engram who had 10 apiece.

“Getting so many texts throughout the game GT WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN. I KNOWWWWW,” she wrote in-depth on an IG story. “I mean yeah given ONE chance in the fourth quarter of course he comes down with the ball! He’s @showtimetate!! SO UNDER UTILIZED. AS HIS WIFE I CANNOT EVEN WATCH WITH ONE EYE OPEN!!!!

“Same exact thing last game. One target in the first quarter – of course – an epic TD. HE NEEDS TO [BE] FED THE BALL. Period. Watch the film.”

Tate hasn’t had more than seven targets in a game this season while having three games of 10 or more last season with Daniel Jones at the helm. Tate has also not broken 50 yards in a game.

“11yrs in the NFL I’ve never said something like this online,” Elise Tate continued. “But it’s excruciating to watch and killing his stats this year but you can’t have yards on a few to no targets.”

With the NFL trade deadline at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Tate is a name that could be moved by the Giants when all is said and done. He is owed $4.2 million for the rest of the season – an expensive ask – but he doesn’t have any more guaranteed money after that. So, if a team wanted to cut him in the offseason, it wouldn’t cost a thing.

Tate was a big part of the Giants’ offense in 2019 as a go-to option for Jones. But things have changed with Jones looking heavily toward Slayton, Engram and even Sterling Shepard now that he’s back from his turf toe injury. Tate is an 11-year vet, as his wife points out, and is a reliable target. But the ball just isn’t finding him right now, and while he might not voice his opinion on the matter, his wife certainly wants to get the point across.