Golden State Warriors unveil new white alternate sleeved jerseys, which they’ll wear on Saturdays

I hope you can forgive me for missing this breaking news bulletin while on vacation last Friday, but apparently, the Golden State Warriors aren't content with just being the first franchise to rock Adidas' short-sleeved performance jerseys, which they did last season — they wanted to be the first to sport a sleeved alternate to their sleeved alternate, too.

Behold, the Warriors' new white alternate sleeved jerseys, as modeled by rising sophomore "Smilin'" Harrison Barnes:

Not sure if Stephen Curry thinks these ones are as "ugly" as the yellow kits the Dubs wore on three separate occasions last year, but the design — which features "golden yellow and royal blue trim and team crest," as well as "a golden yellow and royal blue pin stripe inspired by the Bay Bridge" — looks at least a bit cleaner than last year's model. (Although perhaps not for long, what with all that white. Careful with your locker-room beverage of choice, gentlemen.)

It's not an especially awe-inspiring or jaw-dropping design, though, and the fact that it shares the same color as the Warriors' dominant home jersey makes it seem less like a legitimate alternate than just a weird and ill-fitting (if form-fitting) new thing; like, if the Warriors are going to wear white jerseys at home, why not just wear the ones they already have and not the one with the sleeves? (There's probably an answer to that, but we might not necessarily like it.)

The new white tops will make their debut on Nov. 2 against the Sacramento Kings, then take a two-week break before consecutive weekend appearances against the Utah Jazz on Nov. 16 and the Portland Trail Blazers on Nov. 23. After one last 2013 show — Dec. 21 against the Los Angeles Lakers — the sleeve-jobs get mothballed until well into the new year, making one appearance each in February (the 22nd, against the Brooklyn Nets) and March (also the 22nd, against the San Antonio Spurs). None of the games will be nationally televised.

After breaking the upper-arm-covering ground last year, the Warriors now become the latest in a slew of squads to unveil a new short-sleeved jersey, with the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clippers among the most recent to make the regular-season move after the Indiana Pacers and a number of other teams did so during Summer League.

Whether stuff like sleeved and nickname-bearing jerseys are actually things in which players and fans are interested or just examples of the league and its apparel partners going after every last dollar they can find, the reality is that these variants are here and, judging by the spread from Year 1 to Year 2, they seem to be here to stay. As my man Eric Freeman wrote back in June, the players might not have any "evident recourse" for their teams' decisions to go half-sleeved, but we as fans can decide not to cop them.

Will you be rushing out to scoop up a new white sleeved Warriors jersey ("available for purchase at the Warriors Team Store inside Oracle Arena starting opening night," natch)? Or is the cut of this alternate's jib not necessarily your cup of tea?

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