After catching his son flopping, Draymond Green told him to quit watching the NBA

Ryan Young

Draymond Green had an incredible showing for the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night, dropping his ninth postseason triple-double in their 110-99 win against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals.

Green finished with 20 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists, leading Golden State back from an 18-point deficit early to grab a 3-0 lead in the series at the Moda Center. They now sit just one win away from a fifth-straight trip to the NBA Finals.

While Green is known as one of the more-animated players in the league, the 29-year-old has curtailed his behavior on the court in recent weeks — in part, because of his son.

“He played on his little hoop and then like stomped around. I liked the intensity, but slow it down,” Green said on Sunday. “I realized how impressionable the kids are at the ages they’re at. [I] just really wanted to be a good example to them and show them the right thing.”

Green even said he caught his son flopping, something he’s been caught doing in the past.

“My son was playing, he was shooting and flopping,” Green said. “I said, ‘You gotta stop watching the NBA.’

“He was falling on the floor like, ‘Oh Dad, help me up!’ Like, ‘What you flopping for?’”

Whatever the motivation, it’s clearly working for Green. He’s averaged 13.3 points, 9.6 rebounds and eight assists this postseason, all significantly higher than his regular season stats. He does, though, lead the league in postseason technical fouls, and sits just three more away from an automatic one-game suspension.

Perhaps his newly-recognized audience, however, is enough to keep Green in check throughout the rest of the postseason.

“[Kids are] really impressionable at this age, and I want to make sure I’m setting a good example for them as well,” Green said.

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green caught his son flopping while playing basketball at home. So he told him to quit watching the NBA.
Draymond Green hilariously caught his son flopping while playing basketball at home. So he told him to quit watching the NBA. (Getty Images)

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