Draymond Green responds to Megan Rapinoe's criticism of his equal pay take: 'I'm all for that'

Draymond Green tried to walk back his comments about women’s sports and equal pay on Thursday night, just one day after Megan Rapinoe slammed the Golden State Warriors star for his take.

Green insisted that while it may not necessarily seem like it based on his comments, both he and Rapinoe want the same thing.

“I think it’s unfortunate that she thinks it’s unfortunate that that’s my view,” Green said. “At the end of the day, what Megan wants and what I want is the same thing. And if she believes that doing something a certain way gets her to the end goal, I’m all for that. And if I believe doing something a certain way gets to the end goal, I’m all for that.”

Green was ‘really tired’ of seeing equal pay complaints

Green, in a series of tweets last week, started talking about the pay gap in sports — something that Rapinoe and the rest of the women’s national team has been at the forefront of. He argued that in order for women in sports to achieve better pay, they have to build their platforms better.

He then doubled down on that opinion days later, and said that he is “really tired of seeing [female athletes] complain about the lack of pay, because they're doing themselves a disservice by just complaining."

Those takes, obviously, didn’t sit well with Rapinoe — who is constantly advocating for larger investments in women’s sports and even did so last month at the White House. By all accounts, she has done far more than “just complaining.”

"Obviously you kinda showed your whole ass, not even understanding what we all talk about all the time, whether it's WNBA players or us here on the national team," she said of Green. "So that was frustrating."

Following that criticism, Green said his comments had been misconstrued.

He isn’t trying to pick a fight with Rapinoe over the issue but rather hopes that they “can both do something to move the needle to get to the end goal.”

“It doesn’t really matter to me how you get there,” Green said. “What does matter to me is that we get there. I’m not going to sit here and condemn her comments back to me or what she’s done. I’m in full support of what she’s doing to help get to that end goal, because that’s what I want to see happen.”

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