Goalposts of copmetitiveness have shifted in wrong direction for Bulls

For years, the Chicago Bulls were one of the best teams in the NBA. The Michael Jordan-era Bulls won six championships throughout the 1990s. The Derrick Rose-led Bulls made a run to the Eastern Conference finals. Now, the Bulls are fighting for the Play-In Tournament – and they’re okay with that level of play.

Chicago made no moves at the deadline this year, accepting the fact that they’ll be a mid-tier team this year. But they didn’t just accept it – they embraced it. Arturas Karnisovas is fine with where the Bulls are at. He believes they are in a good spot as a “competitive” team in the East.

According to KC Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, Karnisovas’ definition of competitiveness is just making the playoffs, which is a huge shift from where the Bulls once were as an organization. (H/t Elias Schuster of Bleacher Nation)

“He didn’t say it in the press conference, but he said it another time to me, his definition of being competitive is making the playoffs,” Johnson said. “I will say, there has been some goalpost moving here because when he got here, talk was of championships. Then, it’s now shifted to playoffs. A couple of years ago it was making the second round. Now, it’s just getting in. But that’s what he means by competitive.”

Chicago is firmly stuck in the middle, and they’re fine with that.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire