Goalies jump into line brawl as ECHL game gets out of hand

Sir Elton John once had the honour and privilege of having his 1973 classic “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” remade by legendary Canadian musical act and sure-fire Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Nickelback.

That has nothing to do with this story in any way, but I’ve always wanted to use Nickleback in a lede. Anyways, this Saturday night did involve fighting, as the Kansas City Mavericks and Toledo Walleye of the ECHL threw down a massive brawl during the third period of a rage-fueled contest.

Here’s a look at how the brawl and goalie tilts got started, courtesy of Jordan Strack of WTOL-11:

And here it is in it’s entirety:

Ahhhh, an instant classic. Nothing helps get one through the mundane dog days of the hockey season quite like an explosive minor league brawl.

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