Global Rating: Who are the best players by age?

Global Rating is the main metric HoopsHype uses to track the performance of basketball players all around the world. Created by our own Alberto De Roa, it combines players’ and teams’ statistics to rank players according to their productivity on the court. The amount of games a player has missed in a certain season or competition is also factored in. A more extensive explanation can be found here.

Below, you can check the Global Rating ranking for each group of age.

(RNK: Overall NBA ranking).

Born in 2004

Born in 2003

Born in 2002

Born in 2001

Born in 2000

Born in 1999

Born in 1998

Born in 1997

Born in 1996

Born in 1995

Born in 1994

Born in 1993

Born in 1992

Born in 1991

Born in 1990

Born in 1989

Born in 1988

Born in 1987

Born in 1986

Born in 1985

Born in 1984

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