Glen Davis Dougies before game, gets hit in head with a medicine ball

Glen "Big Baby" Davis is an excitable boy. He has cried, slobbered, and fallen down on the court, all in the name of being the best energy player he can be. Last postseason, it became clear that he has most of the characteristics of a loyal, if mistake-prone, puppy.

Keep this all in mind as you read the following story from Sunday's game in Newark vs. the Nets. From Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald:

Glen Davis(notes) was administered smelling salts after he was inadvertently hit in the head with a small medicine ball that Marquis Daniels(notes) was using.

"That hurt," Davis said. "I'm doing my routine, doing my little Dougie dance, and he hit me in the head. But he woke me up though. It was an early game. I needed something like that."

Sadly, no video yet exists of this event, so you will have to make due with the version I produced on above. I guarantee it is accurate, but if you want another version, watch this dramatization.

Let's break this down from all possible angles.

First, please note that Glen Davis was dancing a "little Dougie dance" during shootaround before an early game. Presumably that's how he starts every morning, and this time it was just visible for all other Celtics to see.

But shootaround is a special time for athletes when they must begin to focus and prepare for battle. That's a little hard to do when one of your team's most boisterous players is dancing and singing in the lay-up line. Plus, I can only imagine that Nate Robinson(notes) was yelling about something unimportant right next to Big Baby.

Thankfully, Marquis Daniels does not suffer fools, so he took matters into his own hands and hit Davis in the head with an exercise ball. They may call it an accident, but we all know this was intentional.

The good news is that Davis takes everything in stride and ended up helping the Celtics to victory. Hopefully this will become a typical routine, because we bloggers always need hilarious stories to pay the bills.

(Via Tom Ziller at SB Nation)

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