Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis has gone vegan, and is talkin’ tofu (VIDEO)

It’s possible that Orlando Magic forward Glen Davis, after fracturing a bone in his left foot five weeks ago, may be out for the rest of the 2012-13 season. It’s also possible that that Davis, nicknamed “Big Baby,” could be prone to repeated fractures of his foot due to his stout stature. Glen is a tough and skilled player, but at just (maybe) 6-9, his oftentimes 300-pound frame could leave him susceptible to repeated foot ailments. Glen, enjoying a career year at 15.1 points per game (on 45 percent shooting) and 7.2 rebounds in just 31 minutes per game, wants to keep it up when the Magic’s medical staff clear him to play.

This is why Davis is attempting to live a vegan lifestyle, eschewing all animal products as he tries to lose weight and lessen the strain on his, well, everything. For the man who once stole Tas Melas’ pizza, it’s a step in a healthier direction. If less delicious one. Here’s a video of Davis discussing his favorite dish, as taken by Mary Stevens at Sports Talk Florida:

(Though I know they were having fun, it appears that none of the reporters surrounding Davis in this scrum have enjoyed tofu. It’s actually pretty fantastic, sweartagawd, when cooked properly and served with the right accoutrements.)

I’m not exactly the Sam Elliott-type, ropin’ steer and makin’ sure things are pink and rare, but this sounds like a horrific existence. Then again, it’s probably the way to go considering Davis’ previous lifestyle habits and overall conditioning. Glen may not be on the All-Star level, but he does have enough talent to sustain a long NBA career if he trims down a wee bit. It’s true that Glen’s injury occurred because of what he calls a “freak accident,” and that even the lightest of loafers can create bone fractures in the feet, but this can’t help but ease the transition as he gets older.

That’s a transition we’d like to see, by the way. Glen is one of the league’s better quotes and cooler guys. Anything that allows us to write about him as he moves into his 30s, we’re down with. Even if we’re not down with his choices in protein.