Giuliani blows up at Fox Business Network’s Kennedy after she questions his Hunter Biden allegations

Things got contentious real quick Tuesday night when Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox Business Network’s Kennedy, and was compared to Christopher Steele, the man who put together the infamous, and questionable, Steele dossier. Kennedy made the comparison because Giuliani has been pushing uncorroborated allegations against Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and continued to do so on Tuesday. The allegations Giuliani is pushing originally appeared in the New York Post, based on information supplied by Giuliani himself. Most other news outlets, including Fox News, passed on the story due to concerns about credibility. Kennedy did not seem convinced by Giuliani’s insistence that it’s all true. Giuliani nearly ended the interview prematurely at one point, which he may wish he had, because Kennedy soon pivoted to his questionable appearance in the new Borat film.